Featured Session

Poundmakers Lodge Series: Introduction to Poundmakers Lodge Treatment Centres

April 17, 2019 


This session will introduce Poundmakers Lodge Treatment Centres and explain why having an Indigenous Treatment Program is import for people in recovery.  We will examine the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components of the treatment program. 

Learning Outcomes

1. Mental- Learning about addictions and their  impact to cognitive functioning.
2. Emotional- Feeling emotions, accepting emotions and regulating complex emotions.
3. Physical- Working with identifying physical impacts of using,     detoxification,
4. Spiritual- Using narrative therapy and cultural  Ceremonies as healing

Presented By: Evan Anderson and Jessica Semaganis
*This is the first session in a four part series that will explore substance use disorder and strategies to help those in recovery

Free Roaming Dogs and Waste Management:

Garbage, Why Free Roaming Dogs Love to Hate It!

April 25, 2019

10:00— 11:30


Living with free roaming animals is common in many First Nation communities. Understanding animal behavior regarding waste management is critical to the health of humans and animals. This session will discuss how wise practices of management can improve the human, animal and environmental health of a community.

Learning Outcomes:     

· Understand the relationship between free roaming dogs and garbage and why they LOVE it!

· Understand the negative effects of unmanaged waste and which types of waste are most harmful to human, animal and environmental health

·  Learn how other communities are managing this problem

· Consider which solutions may be most effective for your community

Presented By: Pam Haggarty and Alanna Collicutt



World Autism Month

Did you know that April is world Autism Month? This is an annual opportunity to help increase conversations  and global awareness for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). April 2nd has been dedicated globally as World Autism Awareness Day. Join us today by spreading awareness and encouraging conversations about ASD. 

The First Nations Telehealth Network recently invited the Autsim Society of Edmonton to host a session dedicated to providng information about autism spectrum disorder. For more information CLICK HERE to view the recording. For further support, visit the Autism Edmonton website at https://www.autismedmonton.org/

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  • Siksika Youth Treatment Centre
  • Saddle Lake Boardroom 



New Recordings

Harm Reduction Series 

Session 4 

Opioid Use Problems and Treatment for First Nations within Alberta 

Learn about how the current drug-poisoning epidemic affects individuals, families, and communities in Alberta and what the best evidence shows about treating opioid addiction. We will also explore successful ways of providing treatment access right in First Nations communities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understand how to best protect people with opioid use problems from adverse outcomes
  • Understand the risks of some commonly used interventions
  • Understand systems that improve evidence-based treatment access on reserve

Presented By: Dr. Hakique Virani MD FRCPC DABAM

                            Medical Director, Metro City Medical Clinic


    CLICK HERE to view the recording

Diabetes 101 Series

Managment- Nutrition 101 

The fourth session of Diabetes 101 takes a look at how nutrition can help prevent and manage diabetes and prediabetes.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand why people eat the way they do
  2. Understand how different foods affect diabetes management
  3. Understand how timing of meals and portion sizes impact blood sugar control
  4. Identify strategies to promote healthy eating
  5. Know where you can get help


Presented By: Kathleen Gibson RD CDE

Please Note: All information regarding the Diabetes 101 series can be found on the Diabetes 101 series page on this website. 

  CLICK HERE to view the recording


Harm Reduction Series 

Reducing Stigma and Barriers within Pregnant Clients 

Join us for the third session in the Harm Reduction Series. This session will look at the barriers and stigma that pregnant women face while using substances. Morgan Chalifoux and Kelti Gore will present; Morgan and Kelti work with the H.E.R Pregnancy Program. This program operates under a harm reduction philosophy and strives to decrease barriers to health care & engage women in their pregnancy

Presented By:  Morgan Chalifoux and Kelti Gore 

CLICK HERE to view the recording


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